Architekturrat der Schweiz
Conseil suisse de l'architecture
Consiglio svizzero dell'architettura
Architectural Council of Switzerland
Cussegl svizzer d'architectura
Sede Ufficio
E heike.biechteler@architekturrat.ch
T +41 77 411 00 59

The SwissSummerSchool is organized by the Swiss Association of Schools of Architecture and represents, in the form of a week of projects, a new educational format and a platform for discussion, common to all schools of architecture.The third edition of the Swiss Summer School proposes to realize a collective work aimed at the production of visual guides of architecture and the contemporary territory of Mendrisiotto. From logistic centers to infrastructures, from naturalistic landscapes to public spaces and cultural heritage, until the most significant architectures, this territory will be brought to the attention of a wider public through photographic and video narration. The results of the photographic „field work“ and video filming will be edited collectively and in real time by the students, discussed daily during the week and finally presented either in the form of a photo album or a „video essay“.


Applications are until 25th of August
Send your application to: