Architekturrat der Schweiz
Conseil suisse de l'architecture
Consiglio svizzero dell'architettura
Architectural Council of Switzerland
Cussegl svizzer d'architectura
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T +41 77 411 00 59

Mendrisio Atlas

04–10 September 2022


Marco Bakker, EPFL Lausanne

Luca Conti & Marta Monti, SUPSI Mendrisio

Emma Fuller, HEPIA Genève

Matthew Howell, HSLU Luzern

Tim Kammasch, BFH Burgdorf/Biel

Manuel Montenegro, ETH Zurich

Muck Petzet, USI-ARC Mendrisio

Daniel A. Walser, FHGR Chur


Erica Overmeer

Erica Overmeer (Amserdam, NL) is an artist and photographer living and working between Amsetrdam, Berlin and Mexcico City. Her work explores social spatial progresses through photographic imagesand architecture with a close relation to a specific context and location.

Claudio Ferrata

Claudio Ferrata is a memmer of the steering commitee of GEA association od geographers, of which he was one of the founders. His research and his activities revolve around the themes of the landscape and the culture of the territory, specialized in the area of the Canton Ticino.