Architekturrat der Schweiz
Conseil suisse de l'architecture
Consiglio svizzero dell'architettura
Architectural Council of Switzerland
Cussegl svizzer d'architectura
E heike.biechteler@architekturrat.ch
T +41 77 411 00 59


The board currently consists of the president and the vice president:

Martin Fröhlich (EPFL) Vice President

Christoph Gantenbein (ETHZ)

Axel Humpert (FHNW)

Anna Jessen (OST) (Vorsitz)

Peter Staub (BFH)

Architectural Council

As a rule, the Architectural Council is composed of the respective Heads of the Architecture Schools or their deputies together with the president of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA). The members are currently represented by the following persons:

Walter Angonese (USI)

Christian Auer (FHGR)

Christoph Gantenbein (ETHZ)

Axel Humpert (FHNW)

Anna Jessen (OST)

Johannes Käferstein (HSLU)

Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (EPFL)

Ludovica Molo (BSA)

Nicolas Pham (HEPIA)

Urs Rieder (SIA)

Anne Savoy (HEIA)

Peter Staub (BFH)

Beat Waeber (ZHAW)

Stefano Zerbi (SUPSI)

Branch Office

Heike Biechteler